Dave's Flying!


This is a small journal of my attempts to get airbourne.

Initially, Joanne bought me a 15 minute flying experience in a Tiger Moth. I really enjoyed this and the pilot said that I had done really well (for a first time). This originated the idea of learning to fly.

Eventually, I had an experience flight in an AX3 microlight, with Airbourne Aviation at Popham Airfield. This isn't the hang-glider with an outboard motor fitted type of microlight but a proper 3-axis plane - just small, light and basic. Thoroughly enjoyed this. There is no-way that I could afford to learn to fly a proper airplane, but maybe I can a microlight.

Some time later, I book a starter course of lessons, now with a new instructor and a newer aircraft - the Thruster T600N.

Joanne thinks this looks like a pushchair with wings.




Later I upgrade to the Ikarus C42. This is more like a light, light aircraft. This is less " seat of pants" flying but does have some better comforts: flaps, better seats, a cabin heater - oh and a more reliable engine!




Then I do my conversion for the all metal Evector Eurostar - a bit more slippery and a low-wing plane. A little different and a twin joystick control, rather than twin throttle. This means swapping hand and now using the left hand for the joystick and right hand on the throttle.




More recently, between myself and three other friends we have bought and built a EuroFOX microlight kit aircraft. We are very proud of her and she is a great plane. She is also a taildragger, so we have had a new set of skills to learn!

She has a website all of her own - http://www.g-ufox.co.uk/




Popham circuit pattern

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