Date: 3/10/2007

Time: 17:05 - 17:50

Aircraft: Ikarus C42 - G-CEAN

Misty Circuits

Still waiting for my license to come back.

Today is just another quick evening jaunt for practice. The weather forecast isn't too good, so I am surprised when it clears up a bit and the cloudbase rises - in fact (on the ground) it looks very pleasant by the time I'm ready.

However, once I take off I can see lots of mist rising and the visibility is really crap. It's surprising that you can't see it on the ground. I climb high enough to readjust my altimeter onto QFE and join the circuit to land. A very brief flight.

At circuit height, it isn't too bad, so I do a few circuits for practice.

Steve says that if I hadn't been so quick to abandon my flight, he would have called me to advise that I did so - so I guess it was the right decision.

He and Roy have been up doing some Formation Flying practice so that they can take some nice photos and film footage. However, when they get down, it appears all blank. With hindsight I would have ditched my flying and gone with them as an amateur cameraman. We decide that next week that is what we are going to do (weather permitting)

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