Date: 17/10/2007

Time: 14:20 - 16:00

Aircraft: Ikarus C42 - G-CCYR

Jo's Inaugural Flight (Horses)

OK, I've now finally got my license through and Jo hasn't got an excuse to come up flying with me. To be honest, I think that she has agreed to come with me today as a sense of duty, rather than a great desire to go flying. However, she has agreed to give it a try and will be my first passenger (other than instructors). I give her the pre-flight briefing in the car, on the way to the airfield, so as not to spook her whilst in the aircraft.

After prepping the aircraft, we are off on runway 03. Jo wants to do just one circuit to see how she likes it; I'm not too sure this a good idea, but here we go. One circuit later we are back on the ground - she doesn't look too plussed. I explain (truthfully) that a circuit is not a good representation of flying - it's the busy, tension filled part and doesn't include the fantastic freedom of flying.

I persuade her to go up gain for a proper flight. My plan is to go round the horses again, as I have done this before and wanted to be relatively relaxed so that this may transfer to Jo. In fact after a while (abeam Hungerford) she comments on how slow it is, although we are flying into the wind so the groundspeed is lower.

When we get to Dragon Hill, we fly over it and then turn around so the she can see the Uffington Horse - she is not able to be unimpressed by the view. We do another turn for some photographs and then we're off towards Alton Barnes horse, past Marlborough. I think Jo is beginning to enjoy it. She has started looking down into the surprisingly many stately homes that we pass.

On to the Alton Barnes horse and we pass over this and do a few more piccies. Then finally down the valley back to Popham. Didn't get the final approach to the runway quite right, so I decided to go around. I could have easily side-slipped it in, but didn't want to scare her. The second attempt goes fine.

I think Jo enjoyed the flight more than she thought she would, but I suspect she enjoyed the dinner on the way home more!

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