Date: 2/2/2008

Time: 12:55 - 14:05 & 14:30 - 15:00

Aircraft: Ikarus C42 - G-CCYR

Horses and Clench Common

Having another go at Clench Common again this week (after blousing out last week) - still need to increase my confidence and experience at landing at other airfields.

Things are running a bit late due to the time taken defrosting the aircraft in the morning. Still, after fueling and inspection, I still have enough time for a bit of a flight.

I head off on one of my favourite flights up to the Uffington White Horse. As I approach it I notice a number of light upright structures that I haven't seen before that turn out to be a windfarm. On to Alton Priors Horse and I quickly realise that something is wrong and that I've done my windage calculations wrong - no problem, I just compensate.

Once there, I watch some paragliders soaring on the hills (from a safe distance), then go round the corner to Clench. Approach is good, but the deadside descent is a little wobbly - I think this is due to the wind coming over the hills. Circuit and landing is fine.

Pay my fee and go to the caravan to make a cup of tea. One of the other pilots there mentions the windmills just gone up near Shrivenham - so they are new, rather than I just haven't noticed them before!

Journey back is uneventful and land in time for next slot. Although I have done this airfield twice before, I'm still pleased - First out-landing since qualifying.

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