Date: 6/12/2008

Time: 14:25 - 16:20

Aircraft: Ikarus C42 - G-CDRO

Round Goodwood

I plan to go around Goodwood today (but not actually land there, because I haven't been down in this direction before. Well OK, yes I have done the leg down to the south of Petersfield many times, but then I head east along the ridge crest of the South Downs. The wind from the south reaching the downs makes this leg a bit unsettled and one moment your opening the throttle to stop sink, and the next you have it closed to stop climbing.

Once I reached the River Arun I turn south and follow it to the coast at Littlehampton, where ideally I would have liked to follow the coast westwards, but went inland round Bognor for safety. Over Wittering and Chichester Harbour entrance, up Mengham Rythe and then a quick orbit around my brothers house.

Now north on the familiar journey up to Petersfield and then to Popham. At Ropley I follow the Watercress line east a bit to try to see a steam engine, but this turns out to be a bonfire! I treat myself to a bit of steep banked turns practice. I join deadside into the circuit, but as I turn base leg, I hear someone (so far unannounced) call final and I can't see them. I turn back south to prevent conflict. Eventually find him somewhere down near the Solent zone on a really long final, the really unnecessarily huge circuit some of the GA pilots insist on doing. I have no choice but to follow him in.

A couple of extra circuits for practice.

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