Date: 8/6/2008

Time: 15:50 - 17:40

Aircraft: Ikarus C42 - G-CDVI

New Forest Round IOW

Yet another new toy today - I have forked out for a video camera - really quite small and records onto SD flash memory cards. Unfortunately, due to passengers blousing out, I am on my own, so no-one to point the thing in a sensible direction. I had a go at just strapping it to a structural post in the forward middle of the cockpit.

With the added confidence of the GPS, I decide to down the west side of Southampton to get o the Isle of Wight, over the New Forest. It's a little bumpy today, but not too bad. Have to stay quite low until I'm round the Needles, then round the coast to St. Catherine's point. Hang off the coast towards Hayling, despite the haze, then into Chichester harbour and up the island, north to Petersfield and back to Popham

Landing wasn't my best, so I finish up with a couple of circuits.

Camera footage was predictably crap, as it was continually at an angle, and mostly pointing at he sky. Also proves that it needs to be put on manual focus, as the auto-focus has trouble deciding on what to focus on - screen, propeller or the landscape. Must devise a better camera mount. For clip, click picture below.

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