Date: 10/10/2008

Time: 15:20 - 15:45

Aircraft: Ikarus C42 - G-CDVI

Birthday Quickie

Taken the day off for my birthday but could only get a single slot. Turned up in reasonable time, hoping that the aircraft may be available early, but unfortunately not.

While I'm waiting, Graeme asked me to go and help Greg who was fixing one of the aircraft round the back and had got to a bit that he couldn't do on his own. Finished this and went back to the clubhouse - still no sign of my plane as my slot starts. After a bit of a chat, I'm asked to go and help again. I have to recruit another volunteer (victim) to help lift an engine onto a newly fitted engine mount. Of course I'm a bit concerned about my slot but I like to help. When I get back (half an hour into my slot) my plane is finally back.

I prepped the aircraft, but then I couldn't find my flight bag - I know I had it in the clubhouse earlier, but no sign of it anywhere - more time wasted. Decide to give up and go to retrieve my sunglasses that I left on the table when helping Greg. I mention my loss and Mac say "oh - I might have it in my van". Seems he had picked it up by mistake.

Am I ever going to get up? Well finally got going with only ten minutes of my slot to go. Went up north for a bit of a whizzaround and a few steep banked turns practice. Then returned for a rejoin.

Bit guilty, got the aircraft back 15 minute late. Scott had it next but didn't seem to mind.

Bit of a bump on landing. Spoke to Steve about this and he advised that when the wind is high on runway 21, it is best to aim to land halfway along it. I'm sure he has told me this before!


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