Date: 12/1/2008

Time: 14:10 - 16:15

Aircraft: Ikarus C42 - G-CEAN

Round IOW again

One nice day in the awful weather we have had recently and will have in the foreseeable future. Due to waterlogging, runway 26 is closed and 21 has to be used carefully.

However, conditions seem good for another flight round the Isle of Wight which is one of my favourites. I've already done my PLOG and after the DI, I'm on my way.

Flight goes to plan, but I guess it is a bit easier than last time as I have done it before and the viz is better, I can see Butser Hill. Over Mengham Rythe I drop down to about 1000' in attempt to take some pictures of the sailing club and Dads house, but the camera isn't co-operating at all. On the throttle again and gain height whilst going around Sandy Point and then across the Solent towards the Island.

By the river Medina I have to drop down below 2000' to avoid the Southamption controlled airspace. At about abeam Yarmouth I catch the tail end of some rain so I detour south a bit to avoid it. Lovely view round the Needles (as always) and with the reduced cloud/higher cloudbase I can fly round the coast down to St. Catherine's Point (nice view of lighthouse) and back up the other side and back over to Hayling. Another lame attempt of a photo of Dads house (it's his 80th birthday tomorrow) and back home.

Good landing and I call it a day, because we are not allowed to do circuit practice.

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