Date: 14/6/2008

Time: 14:40 - 16:30

Aircraft: Ikarus C42 - G-C???

Five Horses

With the extra confidence that the GPS unit has given me, I decide to visit the hill horses again, but this time including some of the ones close to controlled airspace. I seem to have a fascination with these, perhaps because they are something that you can't really see properly from the ground.

I head of northish towards Uffington on the route I'm getting quite used to. As always I fly over the top of the hill and then double back over the horse. A vague attempt to take some handheld video. Then round the new gliding site and south past Marlborough and saw the little Marlborough horse (now I know where to look). Then down to the Alton Barnes horse as I done before.

This is the new bit - I head west to find the Devizes horses, just north of Devizes. This is a new one that was cut to celebrate the millennium. It looks quite stubby - a bit like a deformed bull. This is quite lose to the Lyneham zone.

Then east to the Pewsey Horse and then back towards Popham. On the way, I see a huge gap in the clouds towards the north and attempt to fly up through it. However when I get to 5200' (1 mile) it becomes clear that the clouds are higher than I thought and I wont really be able to get above them, so I bail out.

A couple of quick circuits before I finish. So that's 5 horses done on this flight. Gotta get a move on as it is Sandra's leaving party tonight.

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