Date: 16/2/2008

Time: 14:20 - 14:40 & 15:20 - 16:00

Aircraft: Ikarus C42 - G-CDMS

Brimpton and Colemore Common

Before today, I have landed at two away airfields (Clench and Old Sarum). I have taken two passengers (Jo and Adrian) up and only once have I been a right hand seat passenger (with Melvin).

Once again, it is a lovely day, with no cloud. My plan for today was to fly to Colemore Common, to get some experience, going somewhere I haven't been before. I phone from home to get prior permission required (PPR) and a helpful person (didn't catch his name) tells me to help myself.

When I get to Popham, I meet up with Jerry, Rob and Steph. Rob has a plane booked and they intended to go to Brimpton. We decide to take both planes with all four of us to both Brimpton and Colemore.

Rob and Jerry set off first in G-CDVI and after a short delay, whilst someone was landing, Steph and I follow northwards towards Hannington mast.

The visibility on the ground looked fine, but once in the air it proven to be not so great - probably due to the high pressure.

We go past Hannington and keep going until we see the airfield, near to the Aldermaston site (with its own exclusion zone). Rob (and Jerry) do a straight-in approach, where I elect for a downwind join for landing - doesn't go too bad. There is plenty of room and we park up next to theirs and then we go to the cabin to get a cup of tea.

After the break, we're off to Colemore, with the same pilots. We head south again and fly over Popham. The visibility is even more difficult into the sun, but we find the airstrip easily. We descend on the recommended approach, join deadside, circuit and land. Fairly short but OK.

The little field is quite cold. We sign in the book in the tub and pay a contribution. A member of the Hampshire Microlight Flying Club (who run the site) turns up by car and we have a chat to him, whilst he resets the mole traps. We discuss the possibly of going to Chilbolton next, but decide it might be safer to go back to to Popham, with the time running short.

Steph kindly flys us back to Popham and is very smooth - puts me to shame.

So in one afternoons flying, I have doubled the number of away airfields that I have landed at, I have added 50% extra to the number of passengers I have carried and no have had twice the times I have been a right hand seat passenger. Statistics is an odd thing!

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