Date: 26/1/2008

Time: 13:20 - 14:35

Aircraft: Ikarus C42 - G-CDVI

Over Clench and Alton Barnes Horse

I've decided that I need to increase my confidence in landing at other airfields. To be honest, I haven't done that much of this, so I think this week I'll go to Clench Common - one of the two places I've been to before.

However, it's well windy today and very gusty - I decide to 'blouse out' of the away landing.

Instead, I fly over towards Clench anyway. When I get there I watch someone else landing and how much they get blown off the normal circuit pattern. Oddly, I feel more confident now to perhaps have a go at landing, but I haven't PPR'd (prior permission required) so I carry on to the Alton Barnes Horse and then turn around.

The journey back is much quicker, going with the wind. My landing wasn't very elegant - just as I approached the ground, a negative gust of wind took my airspeed away, so I had to stick some throttle in, but then the wind recovered and I found myself climbing again. Not too bad though.

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