Date: 27/9/2008

Time: 16:25 - 16:45 & 17:25 - 18:05

Aircraft: Ikarus C42 - G-CEAN


Decided to take myself off to Brimpton for a cup of tea - haven't been there on my own before. Took off from 26 and headed north. It is a short route over an area that I know well, so didn't need to do a PLOG plan; just needed their circuit pattern to refer to.

No overhead joins at Brimpton due to the Aldermaston zone, so joined downwind. Bit of side-slipping on final and all went well. Parked up and went and had a cup of tea and a chat.

When I had prepared to leave, I realised that I had lost my sunnies - checked back at the clubhouse but not there. Eventually I found them by the tailplane - dropped due my inspection. Visibility wasn't great but journey went OK. Bit of a cock-up on joining and had to do the big GA circuit - oops! Did a couple more circuits to finish up with; the first one with some (deliberate) side-slipping.

Was talking to Jac and Colin whilst tying the plan down for the night and then Shelley arrived with an Ambulance and Police car. It seems that someone had reported an aircraft in difficulty to the emergency services, from the petrol station over the road. I told them the the only two other aircraft that I had seen were down safely. Who knows - maybe it was my (perfectly executed) side-slip that they observed and didn't realise it was normal?


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