Date: 2/8/2009

Time: 14:50 - 15:50

Aircraft: Ikarus C42 - G-CCYR

Wing Farm

Another Colin, Jac, Ian and I flight today - this time to a fly-in at Wing Farm in Wiltshire. I am reliably informed that they don't actually grow wings here. Unfortunately, there is a problem with the aircraft, so we can't get away at 1:30, so we don't get going until ten to 4. My turn to fly the outbound leg today and after the fuel and checkout, we are off on 26 - minor bumps at first but soon settles down.

We head down past Boscombe zone and then along the south of it. Unfortunately, here we meet a rain cloud and attempt to go north of it, but then seeing clear space to the south, we head straight through the shortest distance. Only minor drizzle. Passing to the south of Alderbury we head towards Shaftesbury (past Compton Abbass), then head north up to Wing Farm.

On arrival there is another little bit of drizzle. We plan to pass to the north of it, past their really noise sensitive neighbours (probably ones who like to complain), then a sort of distant crosswind to join downwind. I'm rather confused about someone calling that they were downwind on a right-hand circuit - I made a turn to have a good lookout, but no sign of them, so I made very deliberate calls when going crosswind and joining and a good lookout. The other weird bit is that the airfield is in a bit of a dip, so attempting to keep to their 500' circuit height takes you rather close to the hills. Turning final, you are faced by a line of trees directly before the runway, with the ones on the right much higher. Try to go close to the treetops, but without going TOO close. This goes OK and a good landing. We then backtrack to the club. Jac lands shortly afterwards.

After having over 60 aircraft visit, they had all just left to avoid the rain. The locals are now packing up and tea is no longer available. Still, they find us some cans of Coke and we have a bit of a chat. We are followed in by a Grob and an Auster (locals).

Eventually, it's time to get off and after quick check and warm-up, Colin flies me back in G-YR. Taking off on 27, you need to keep on the runway heading to avoid the noise sensitive properties. We then head off north-west to have a look at Longleat and then south to Zeals to see some gardens (that I didn't see). On the way back, we see the regimental badge hill carvings.

Approaching Popham we call for airfield information, but hear no reply - it turns out that we have somehow nudged the radios squelch control round and John had been responding - must watch for that in future (we are spoilt because most aircraft have auto-squelch).

A nice flight (despite the rain) and the first time I have been to a fly-in (despite having missed it).



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