Date: 9/8/2009

Time: 15:00 - 17:15

Aircraft: Ikarus C42 - G-CCYR

Round Bournemouth

On my own today, so I decided to circumnavigate the Bournemouth zone. I planned out three options that I could select en route, depending on the time available; straight back over the New Forest, over the Isle of Wight or around it. I have a double slot at 3:00pm and I'm in luck; no-one has the last slot. There is an Auster and Vintage Piper fly-in at the airfield today, so it's a bit busy - particularly with weirdos (plane-spotters).

After fuelling and checkout, I'm off on 26 which is the runway they are using for departure, whilst using 21 for landing. I head down the gap between Southampton and Middle Wallop - it's surprisingly bumpy at first. Once to the south of the CMATZ, I head west towards Blandford Forum, to the north of the Bournemouth zone. It smooths out a bit now. On arriving there, I turn south and over Wareham. There are lovely views over Poole Harbour. Then past Corfe Castle (photo) and on to Swanage, then round Old Harry Rocks (photo) and Studland Bay. Good view of Poole Harbour entrance and Sandbanks (4th most expensive real estate in world - god know why). Then along Poole Bay/Christchurch Bay keeping off the coast safely outside the Bournemouth zone.

At Milford on Sea I have to make my decision of my route home. I have plenty of time, so I don't go straight back over New Forest, but cant be bothered to go around it, so I cross the Solent and head east between Cowes and Newport. Nice view of Cowes, where my brother was racing in Cowes Week (that finished yesterday). Finally over to Hayling Island, a loop round Sid's house and past me Dad's and back to Popham. A couple of extra circuits for good measure.

A nice pretty flight!

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