Date: 13/6/2009

Time: 16:15 - 17:15 & 18:00 - 18:20

Aircraft: Ikarus C42 - G-CDHR

I Can See My House From Here

Going to fly over your own house, I guess is one of those things you have to do sometime, if it's possible. No other plan for today, so lets give it a go. The last time I was going to do this, was when I went to White Waltham with Gerry, but the visibility was rubbish. By complete coincidence, Gerry is at the club today and kindly offers to come with me again.

My plan is to go up to M4 junction 10 and track back down past Bracknell, past Sandhurst and back again. We take off on 21 and head north to Hannington Mast. Then east along the power lines to the distribution point and on past Risely, Aborfield and Wokingham to junction 10. Then turn right to follow the A329M down and over the TRL in Crowthorne Then approaching Sandhurst have a good lookout for the house - it's not as easy to spot as you might think. Finally glimpse it as we have to turn before entering Blackbushe's zone. We do a large orbit for another go - still took a bit to spot it but saw it this time round. No time for photos. Don't want to upset my neighbours, so we leave it there and head back.

On the way back, we decide to drop into Brimpton for some tea. Joining downwind (no overhead allowed at Brimpton) and turning final, I find I'm too fast and too late on my decent, so I go-around. Second time around isn't much better, but I put it down for an inelegant bouncy landing.

Nice cuppa and a chat, quick checkover and we're on our way back. Bit better landing than last time.

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