Date: 20/9/2009

Time: 16:10 - 16:35

Aircraft: Ikarus C42 - G-CFHP


For domestic reasons, I had a late start today. Had no firm plan, but thought about going to Clench Common. However, when I got to the airfield, I found Steph was just texting Brimton's phone number to her partner (Rob) who was obviously just going there. I asked if she wanted to go there too (with me).

After fuelling and checkover, we are off on 03 and had north. There is virtually no wind and the visibility isn't too bad. The air is quite still making flying quite easy. Landing is a diffrent matter. I'm perhaps a little put-off by the lack of response from our radio calls - Popham had already closed when I attempted my radio check there and I got no reply from Brimpton, but someone else did - decided our radio must be duff.

I don't seem to be very good at Brimpton recently. Joined downwind (avoiding a balloon) and I believe that I approached at the correct speed. However on touchdown it went very bouncy and I bloused-out on a big bump and hit the throttle to go around. Second attempt was better. Sadly this was witnessed by Rob, Pete, George and Gerry who were already there. I'm now told that the south side of the runway is less bumpy than the centre - will try that next time.

After some tea and a chat, we are on our way back to Popham. Steph's flying is as smooth as ever and she treats hersef to an extra circuit.

A short outing, but fun, finishing up in the pub.

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