Date: 21/2/2009

Time: 14:20 - 15:15 & 16:15 - 16:50

Aircraft: Ikarus C42 - G-CDMS

Compton Abbas

Decided to go to Compton Abbas today, which as a group we have been trying to go to on a few occasions. Looks like a lovely day and also, I already have this one planned.

Take off from 26 and once again the vis is poor up to the inversion layer. It's also a bit bumpy. I keep fairly low whilst going past the Solent zone. It seems either the wind is stronger than forecast or in a slightly different direction as I have to adapt my heading to keep on course. Once past the Solent zone, I decide to climb above the inversion layer for a clearer view and once up there, it is perfectly smooth - great!

I find the airfield without a problem, but initially find the radio a little confusing as you can hear Sywell radio traffic aswell, because they are on the same frequency. An overhead join to the microlight circuit at 600' goes OK, but when I turn finals the airfield has disappeared! It's difficult seeing into the sun and haze, but I know the airstrip is over there somewhere and then I find it. It's a strange feeling approaching as not only are you descending, but the ground is also coming up to meet you, as the airfield is on top of a hill. Landing OK and I park up.

I have a cup of tea and a slice of lemon cake. Talking to the desk girl, she suggests that the story about Madonna trying to buy the airfield, so that she could close it, was a myth. Apparently she bought some flying lessons there for Guy Ritchie - I doubt she would now!

After a quick checkover, I'm on my way home to Popham. After take off, I turn back east and it appears that the smog has greatly reduced, but this impression may be helped by not flying into the sun anymore. I see a really interesting looking castle on a river bank and decide to have a better look. I turn north and start descending, but as I do, I see a flexwing that was following me, so I abandon this and continue my return.

I have a quick play at steep banked turns on the way and then join and land. Another new place in the logbook.

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