Date: 21/6/2009

Time: 14:35 - 15:45 & 16:50 - 17:50

Aircraft: Ikarus C42 - G-CDVI

Bembridge with George

After this mornings dawn flight, I have had a couple of hours more sleep and then I go round to George's, who has kindly invited me to lunch. George seems to be quite excited about going flying. He then drives us to the airfield.

OK, Bembridge isn't exactly an original destination to take guests, but I do like the route, the wind is in the right direction and it's always impressive to fly out over the coast. It's a bit cloudy, but they are all quite high, so not an issue.

After the usual faff of fuelling and checkout we are off on 26. It's not the smoothest day, but not bad and George seems completely relaxed. I pilot down the thin corridor between Solent zone and Boscombe CMATZ and then under the 2000' limit whilst over the New Forest. Once over the Solent, past Hurst Castle, it gets a bit calmer. We round the Needles (which I always love) and head down towards St. Catherine's Point, and George has a go with the joystick. After the lighthouse, we head up the other side of the island and approach Bembridge from over the sea at 1500', then from overhead turn to the north and drop down to circuit height of 1000' to turn downwind, following the coastline past the lifeboat station. The tide is right out and it doesn't look as pretty as normal. A little bit of power on final and a good landing and easily off at the hard turn-off point.

Time for some tea and biscuits. I phone my brother to see if he's around - it seems he is at home and asks what time I will be over his house.

After a quick checkover, we're off on 30 again. Gaining height, we turn off from the coast across the Solent towards Hayling Island. Once close to land, we drop down and come in above Chichester Harbour entrance, turn west and then do and orbit around Sid's house. Then off towards Petersfield and there is a large hole in the clouds, which we consider trying to fly up through, but when we're at 4000' decide that they're probably a bit too high.

As we approach Popham, we are just about to join, when the Antenov calls that it is about to do a flypast followed by a landing on 21 (i.e. not the current active runway). We've already had one plane damaged by the Antenov recently and I also know how much it costs to run, so I elect to keep up high and wait for it to finish playing before joining. Bit of a bouncy landing, but not too bad.

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