Date: 26/4/2009

Time: 13:45 - 14:55

Aircraft: Ikarus C42 - G-CFHP

Sywell Again

Colin, Jac, Ian and I are going to Sywell again - well, Colin and I have been once before, last year. Jac and Colin are in a Eurostar G-CEDV so Ian and I are in G-CFHP for both directions. My turn to fly out and for once, the visibility is great, which is a treat and a contrast to what we have had for most of the year so far.

We take off on 21 behind the EV-97 and head off on a similar route to when we went to Sandy. Of course they pretty soon disappear off in the distance, as we are still climbing out and their plane is faster. Up past Brimpton, round Benson, then due north past Aylesbury up to the northwest tip of Milton Keynes - then straight to the reservoirs just south of the airfield. We hear the others call they are joining just before we do - apparently they are surprised we are so close behind them, but we have kept up a steady 80 knots and achieved a slightly more direct route

It seems the Blades display team are no longer sponsored by Barclays as they are no longer painted blue. We have some lunch and a bit of a nose around. We missed the museum as it has just closed but have a good look at the Dragonfly microlight in a hanger, along with the rather interesting Viera.

Ian flys the homebound, pretty much along the reverse of the route taken here. Quite uneventful - which isn't a bad thing!

No GPS track, I'm afraid as I lent my GPS to Colin - the Eurostar has strange power connectors and he couldn't use his.

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