Date: 14/10/2009

Time: 14:40 - 16:05

Aircraft: Eurostar EV-97 - G-CERE

Eurostar First Solo.

Need a lot more practice in the Eurostar, and don't want to leave it too long since my lesson. The weather has cleared up nicely this afternoon, so I've taken it off work. Could only get the last slot though.

I checkout the plane on the end of the line and then bring it round to the fuelling square to fill it up. I see Jac and Colin and have a quick chat, but I'm itching to get on - particularly as I am hogging the fuelling square.

Once sorted, I'm off on 21 - there's a bit of a surprising cross wind. I head off towards Hannington, just to get a bit of a feel for the plane. It's very light on the controls but the pitch control is very sensitive. I do a bit of practice applying the flaps, which is OK, but the pitch change on changing the throttle is quite pronounced. I'm not a fan of this aircrafts throttle - the return spring is too strong requiring the friction to be set quite high to stop the throttle creeping open - this in turn makes throttle control more difficult.

This is fun, but I really should get back to the airfield for some circuit practice. I give plenty of room to decend deadside, from what I learned last time - OK, too much! Round to the final approach and there is a crosswind to contend with and a minor lumpiness. This lumpiness smooths out a few feet off the ground and I complete a landing that I am pleased with. I line-up and do another circuit. Line-up again and do 4 touch-and-gos. Not all perfect, but OK. I then try a few low hops - these don't go as well as I would have hoped, but are OK. I finish up with a final circuit as its beginning to get dark.

There are still a few things I need to get to grips with. I don't seem to have enough room for my knee-board - I need to find a better plan for this. I still occassionally get muddled with my hands. I still need more practice.

Do I like the Eurostar? It certainly has it's good points. The controls are nice and light - sadly the ailerons are not as responsive as I would like and the elevator is too strong. No further comment on the throttle. Getting in and out is more tricky than the C-42. Otherwise it is a nice plane to fly - it always feels like its going fast and quite often it IS. The fourth stage of flaps dramatically increases the rate of decent (making up for the poor sideslipping performance).

More pratice.

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