Date: 4/4/2010

Time: 14:15 - 15:20 & 16:15 - 17:00 (GMT)

Aircraft: Ikarus C42 - G-CDRO

Bembridge with John

It's a bit blustery today. John is with me today - I met him at a party where he expressed an interest in flying. In league with his wife, she arranged a trial flight with Airbourne which he really enjoyed, so I'm taking him for a wobble today.

It's a bit blustery today - OK I have already said that, but I thought I would say it again for effect. After getting the plane out, checking it over and fuelling it, we are on our way from runway 26. Once airborne, we can see a huge dump of rain over Winchester, that fortunately we are going to just miss. The visibility isn't too bad. As we head down towards the New Forest it gets a little bit more lively where we have to drop down below 2000'.

We cross the Solent at Hurst Castle and head west to go round the Needles - progress is really slow going into the wind. Eventually I get bored and turn back to the island and we head down towards St. Catherine's point and then up the other side towards Bembridge. We join from overhead and drop down to circuit height over the harbour. Heading downwind and turning base, there is someone starting to backtrack, so I have to slow it down to allow them time to backtrack and take-off before we get there. It's a bit wobbly on the approach with the gusty wind and nearing touch-down a gust pushes me back up. Still I get it down and make a tiny backtrack to go down the taxiway.

Over the radio we heard a pilot reporting that even on full throttle, he couldn't get his plane to move whilst bogged down in the grass. We park-up right next to the taxiway to be on the safe side. As we get out, we can see the stricken craft and some of the airfield staff trying to push it - we go and help and with a (considerable) effort we get it to the taxiway. When we get to the aeroclub, we are told to just book-in and not to worry about playing - bonus!

After some tea and biccies, whilst watching the aircraft, we are back off. We gain height and cross the Solent over to Hayling Island and then head north towards Petersfield and the northwest back towards Popham. We try a quick steep-banked turn to demonstrate the g-force. The journey home is quite quick and soon enough we're back. A big slide-slip whilst descending deadside gives a descent of 2000'/minute and join for a landing.

Yes - it was a bit blustery!

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