Date: 5/8/2010

Time: 18:35 - 19:00 (GMT)

Aircraft: Ikarus C42 - G-CDVI


We are supposed to be going on our big adventure to France tomorrow, so I've come to the airfield to prepare the aircraft. Unfortunately, the weather looks crap with a low cloudbase, so it's very very unlikely to happen - still I thought I better give it go. It seems that someone has messed around with the bookings and we don't have the same aircraft booked tonight as we are taking tomorrow - a bit pointless. G-VI has just finished being serviced, so I decide to get it out and fill it up - and have a few circuits aswell.

A number of distractions trying to get things sorted, and the time slips away. Didn't start unit 25 to airfield closure time. First circuit has to follow someone round the GA circuit (in a rather strange pattern). Followed this by a few more circuits and a low hop - wasn't as low initially as it should have been. Never mind.

Post note: forecast didn't improve, so we postponed the trip - right decision as it remained IFR or Intensive IFR all afternoon.

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