Date: 10/4/2010

Time: 16:40 - 17:20 (GMT)

Aircraft: Ikarus C42 - G-CFHP

White Waltham

I (thought I) had a double slot booked for today from 3pm that would fit nicely with the AGM afterwards. Ian had a single slot at 16:30 so we decided to go together in my booking. However, when I went to cancel Ian's booking, it seems I didn't have one - no idea what happened to that. Consequently we took Ian's booking.

I thought that White Waltham may be a little enthusiastic for a single slot, but we were lucky to get the plane early as the previous pilot got the time wrong! Check and fuel and we're off on 08 with Ian at the helm. We head north to Hannington then west to M4 junction 10 - reporting point sierra for Waltham. Despite the poor visibility we see the airfield easily and join overhead. The are frantic calls as some muppet is trying to circuit in the wrong direction - the kind of pilot that gives microlighters a bad name. We join and when downwind, we can see them miles ahead, way outside the published circuit - are they abandoning their landing? We follow the correct circuit, but then they turn final (miles out) just as we do. Fortunately there is sufficient gap, so we continue our approach and land.

We book-in and have little time for a quick drink. Soon we are on our way back - it's a bit cross-country to get to the threshold of 07. Visibility is worse into the sun, but at least the air is a bit calmer. The trip is uneventful on the way back, but when joining I opt to do the big (GA) circuit for 08 to avoid conflict with another aircraft.

All worked out fine and gave plenty of time to get to the AGM.

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