Date: 13/3/2010

Time: 12:35 - 13:05

Aircraft: Ikarus C42 - G-CDHR

Chiltern Park

Just a double slot for Colin, Jac, Ian and I today, so not too long a trip - so we are going to Chiltern Park. I haven't been there before. Colin and Jac are prepping a Eurostar, so I go to get G-HR out - again I'm amazed that it isn't already in use. Whilst fuelling it, the resident Antenov (huge single-engined biplane) does a few fly-bys - one of them incredible slowly.

We take off in G-HR from 03, with Ian as my passenger. It's a little bumpy in places, but not too bad. We head off up past Hannington and to Brimpton - here I plan to call Benson Zone as Chiltern Park is within their MATZ. However we hear Jac further ahead being told the MATZ is closed, so we are both disappointed not having the chance to exercise our RT.

Eventually we find the airfield - despite the direction of the 'T', the windsock clearly shows that runway 33 is the best bet. Having not had a reply on the phone, it is probable that there hasn't been anyone to set it. We join from 1500' and my approach is OK, but not to impressed with my landing being a bit flat.

It's pretty deserted, but eventually we find someone who lets us in to make a cuppa - sadly no tea, so I had my first cup of coffee for a couple of decades. Having a chat, we watch another Eurostar land on 22 (a bit long), pick someone up and depart again.

Soon it's time to head off and Jac takes me back to Popham in G-CERE. We take off from 33 again and the visibility on the way home is poor. We put it away at Popham and double check that the switches are off.

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