Date: 17/01/2010

Time: 12:40 - 13:20 & 14:20 - 14:50

Aircraft: Eurostar EV-97 - G-CEDV

Old Sarum

I really didn't think that today was going to happen. Since my last flight on new years day, we have had more snow that I can ever remember. On Thursday there was still plenty of snow around and heavy rain was forecast for Saturday - So even when the snow thaws, it would have been very soggy, so I guessed that the airfield would be shut. However, the rain wasn't as bad as expected and to my (happy) surprise, it was open - hooray!

Between Colin, Jac and I, we have both Eurostars booked for three slots each. However, when we get to the airfield, we find that one of them isn't available because someone has left the master switch on and flattened the battery. We could have jumped it, but there would be no guarantee that we would be able to start it again at our destination. Fortunately, there is a spare C-42 available.

Nikki has the remaining Eurostar before us, and once she returns we fuel and prep it. Pretty soon we are on our way - not too far today so we're going to Old Sarum. Colin flies the C-42 (YR) and I pilot Jac - apparently she hasn't been flown by me before. There are some lowish clouds, that restrict our height to 1500' and this results in it being a bit bumpy. The vis isn't too hot either. We head down past Chilbolton and by the time we get to the south of Middle Wallop and turn west, the cloudbase has risen a bit. I call Old Sarum at Alderbury and we then head north and join from the deadside. Circuit and landing isn't too bad.

We park up next to Colin and go into the cafe for the obligatory cup of tea and a bacon bun - it's even nice enough to sit outside.

Soon it's time to go back - this time Jac takes G-YR home and Colin is my passenger in the EV97. We head south to the train line and find the vis has not improved. As we approach Popham (near Chilbolton) there is a large cloudbank that we have to drop below, but are still high enough for an overhead join. It starts to rain on the downwind leg and I end up landing a bit long, but OK.

It was a real treat to fly today, when I thought it was a lost cause.

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