Date: 19/2/2010

Time: 14:45 - 15:20

Aircraft: Ikarus C42 - G-CDHR

Quick Bimble

I haven't been up for a while for various reasons, such as a weekend in Prague, bad weather, going to concerts (Imogen Heap) and doing my RT training and exam (passed it - hooray!!!). I am getting dangerously close to my 30 days so I'm keen to get my feet off the ground, but this weekend we are going to London, because Jo won tickets to see the BAFTA awards (amazing - I always imagined these competitions were stitched up). The airfield has been shut all week due to the wetness - this morning was no exception when I had the first slot booked. However, a quick check on the webcam at 13:30 showed the 'Airfield Closed' sign was down - a quick call to confirm it was open and I snuck out of work and headed for the airfield.

I got G-HR out from G-YR slot and checked it over. Whilst fuelling it started to snow - arrgghh! Still I carried on and luckily it stopped and I did the run-up checks and lined-up at the intersection on 26. Having been asked to avoid the runway centreline I took off from the extreme left side - I haven't flown the C-42 for a while and once again I'm amazed by how well it climbs, exaggerated by the high nose attitude.

There is a big bank of low cloud close by to the north, so I head to the south-west and then track to the east, avoiding the Southampton zone. I have a bit if a look at Ropley station and generally just enjoy myself. I decide to do a PFL practice that goes not too bad. But then the cloud is encroaching so I think I better head back - mind you I need to get back to work, so I'm not too upset. It starts to snow on my approach to Popham giving a 'Star Trek' effect. I have to drop down quite low under the clouds and join from the deadside for a good landing - again on the left hand side, and carefully taxied back to the tie-down.

Very short, but I really enjoyed it - and I think I really needed it!

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