Date: 24/01/2010

Time: 12:40 - 13:45

Aircraft: Eurostar EV-97 - G-CEDV


When I got to the airfield I found the Chichester Film Club were all over the place, making a film involving flying a microlight. They were also all taking trial flights - John was either elected or selected to entertain them all day. They even had a script - including lines for John (known as Andrew) - I think he will be wanting his own dressing room soon.

The other odd thing today, was that I was there before Colin - not because I was early, just he wasn't as early as normally is. Once again, I really didn't think that today was going to happen. The forecast hadn't looked too good, particularly from a cloud point of view, but this morning the TAF's showed the cloudbase should be about 3500'. We had decided to go to Bembridge (at my request) by my favorite route.

Who knows if they filmed when we fueled and prepped the aircraft, or when I took off (from the intersection due to dampness). We head off to the southwest, but soon came to a cloudbank that restricted our altitude to 1500'. Once we got past the CMATZ stub, we looked at climbing up above the next bank, but they looked a bit too continuous and we couldn't risk getting stuck above them at the New Forest, where we have a maximum altitude of 2000' - we chose to go back below them. We crossed the Solent at Hurst Castle, where there were still a lot of clouds, but reduced once we got to the Needles.

Round the coast to St. Catherine's and a bit of RT practice to Bembridge (we were doing our training yesterday). Round the southwest coast and we join the circuit. Unfortunately, I let myself get rattled by someone close behind me and wanted to get down quickly and off by the intersection without backtracking - I rounded out a bit early and resulted in being a bit slow, but OK - touchdown was smooth and straight though.

Disaster - they have run out of bacon!!! We had to have toasted ham and cheese sandwiches instead. No great hurry, so we have a couple of cups of tea aswell.

Colin flies the homebound trip. We cross the Solent to Hayling Island and have the ability to climb to a better altitude - 4-4500'. Visibility is also somewhat better flying out of the sun. Up to Petersfield and then straight back to Popham - deadside join and down. They are still filming.

Another treat - once again I didn't think we were going anywhere and we ended up having another lovely flight.

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