Date: 26/7/2010

Time: 18:00 - 18:50 (GMT)

Aircraft: Eurostar EV-97 - G-CEDV

Between the Showers

I really had to go flying tonight - it just seemed essential. It's also been nearly 3 weeks since my last flight. I have been looking at the weather throughout the day, which should have been clearing up, but it seems to remain changeable. I try phoning the club, but can't get an answer, but with the new ability to look at the booking diary on-line, I could tell there was plenty of aircraft available, so I take a chance and leave work 1/2 an hour early and ride to the airfield. After a bit of chat I go to get the Eurostar out - I choose the one that has already been flying today which is even slightly warm. After the checkout, whilst fuelling, it starts to rain - rats. I hang around for half an hour and eventually it stops.

I'm off on 03 and climb up - from here I can see the many rain patches that are scattered about. Effectively I have to pick a route between the showers. However the visibility in the gaps is excellent. I'm having great fun whizzing around and even try going fast (the GPS recorded this as nearly 150mph over the ground). Quite safe though as the gaps are large enough and even the showers aren't too hard.

Eventually a suitable gap appears over the airfield and I rejoin to a good landing. I'm really getting to like the EV97. I do 3 more circuits and despite the lack of wind (now), I can easily get it off the runway at the second turnoff. I also amuse myself with a couple of zoom-climbs on the last two takeoffs.

I really needed that!

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