Date: 27/4/2010

Time: 18:05 - 18:55 (GMT)

Aircraft: Eurostar EV-97 - G-CERE

Bimble and Practice (EV-97)

Another evening practice tonight - with a Eurostar today, as I haven't flown it or a bit. Another chance to ride my bike to the airfield.

Again I'm lucky to find the plane has enough fuel for my little sortie. After a checkover, I'm off on 21 - it appears that it's only me and Peter Jordan enjoying himself in G-RO. I head of north to Hanninton Mast and the north-east. Just trying it out to refresh my memory of the planes handling. The visibility isn't great, but OK - turning back (into the sun) it appears worse.

I head back to the airfield, as I don't have too much time and want to get some circuits in - they seem to be a rare opportunity lately. I join from the overhead, circuit and land, slightly overestimating the wind, but OK. I'm always surprised how this low-wing plane seems to settle down once it gets into ground-effect. I hit the throttle for a touch-and-go and momentarily underestimate the power-induced yaw. Another four touch-and-go's and then one final landing, each getting better.

Good bit of practice and enjoyable.

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