Date: 02/01/2011

Time: 14:20 - 15:00 & 15:35 - 16:10

Aircraft: Ikarus C42 - G-CDHR

Old Sarum

Last time I flew was mid-December - ages ago! Since then we have had snow and Christmas and waterlogged (closed) airfield AND crap cloudbase. So it was a treat when today's possible flight became good. My slot began at 1:30, but the person who had it before me didn't take it. On the good side, it means I can start earlier (if only I was more prepared) but on the downside, it means it will need de-icing.

I ride my new bike to the airfield for the first time - I only got it mid-November and there hasn't been a suitable occasion. When I get there (about 1pm) I go round the back to check-out the aircraft. Once again, my lucks in as the plane has mostly de-iced itself, with just a few bits on the tailplane which are easily removed. After a thorough check-over and a good warm-up I take it round for fuel.

Soon I'm on my way - taking off from 03. I had decided to go to Old Sarum as it isn't too far and I didn't want to take the easy option of a quick local flight. The MATZ is inactive, no parachuting and the bonus of free landings today! The sun is bright above some darker clouds making visibility unideal. At least I know this route well now. I call at Alderbury and join overhead for runway 06. There is another plane in front, and I follow them around the large circuit rather than the smaller microlight circuit to avoid confliction. Went a little too far downwind as I couldn't spot the river - must remember for next time. Landing was a little flat but OK.

I ask for tea and bacon buttie at the cafe, but the girl tells me that they have stopped doing food. The kind chap from the kitchen takes pity on me (must have been looking disappointed) and says that they can manage a bacon buttie - hooray!

After another checkover, I'm on my way back to Popham. Remembering my last flight where it was getting a bit dark, I make good pace. I join overhead for 08 and make a landing that I'm pleased with.

First flight of the year done and I'm still valid!

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