Date: 14/10/2011

Time: 17:25 - 18:25 (16:25 - 17:25 GMT)

Aircraft: Eurostar EV-97 - G-CEDV

Eurostar Eights

Another Friday evening and another go at lazy eights - this time in a Eurostar. Ian is also down for some practice and we debate going to Brimpton, but we found out that they have just doubled their landing fee to £10 - £7.50 would have been OK, but double?? I think I'll give it a miss on principle.

After fuel and check-out, I'm off on 08 and head north to the playground. Hmmm - like last time there is an inversion layer, no clouds, low sun and crappy visibility. Oh well. As I get towards the ridge and after clearing turns, I chain together a few lazy eights. These seem to go OK. I don't know if I am finding it easier in the Eurostar (with it's big rudder and smaller ailerons) or whether is it is just that I have had more practice now. I also believe that it helps to have had the chance to think about it after flying. I move on to another area and try a few steep turns. . . . But to be honest, once again I'm finding the poor visibility distracting and decide to go and do something else.

I go and have a look at Greenham Common. I see something flying northbound low over the old demolished runways - at first I think it's a model plane, but given how far it continued north, it must have been a proper plane and really, really low. Then back south, with some sharp 90degree turns and a poor orbit round Hannington Mast. Then another good lazy eight on the way back to Popham for some circuits. Four stop landings, one big-boys circuit (having to follow someone else) and I entertain myself with a few zoom-climb take-offs.

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