Date: 26/03/2011

Time: 15:30 - 15:45 (GMT)

Aircraft: Eurostar EV-97 - G-CEDV

Claggy Chilbolton

I think I am seeing a pattern occurring here. Once again the visibility is rubbish. I just want to go for a quick flight, but the vis makes going anywhere a bit adventurous.

Pete is around and we decide to fly together to Chilbolton before it closes at the end of May. G-DV has been used and still a bit warm so we get it out (again) and prep it. I have only flown with Pete once before and that was to Chilbolton too - it's his turn to do the outbound leg.

Once in the air, the visibility really is crap. We are not likely to get lost, knowing the area relatively well, but there is always the risk of meeting another aircraft, which could be quite close.

We get to Chilbolton and are on the downwind leg, when I spot another plane on final doing a straight-in approach. Pete goes around and the second time we are downwind, the other plane is now re-taking of in the opposite direction. Once he is airborne, he turns across us before finally seeing us and then turned away. Pete continues the approach and lands.

In the caravan, there doesn't appear to be any notices about the upcoming closure. There also isn't any gas to make tea, so we have some canned drinks and a chat.

My turn to fly back through the gloom. A real short flight today, but the best we could manage.


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