Date: 29/01/2011

Time: 13:15 - 13:50

Aircraft: Ikarus C42 - G-CCYR

More Claggy Circuits

Yet another day when the forecast shows little hope - the cloudbase is meant to be low (as last week). We (Colin, Jac and I) had hoped to go to Enstone today but not looking possible - one day we will get there. Quick text to Colin says he is going down but don't know what they are going to do. I ride to the airfield (at bit late) with the same resolve. Ian is doing his Eurostar conversion today too.

G-YR is already out and just needs some fuel and a checkout. We hope to maybe get to Brimpton and while I'm busy, C + J go for a few exploratory go-around circuits (proper circuits not allowed). By the time I've got the engine warm I hear Jac calling "final to land". I taxi round to where they have parked to swap pilots, switch off for a quick word - and the word is that the vis is very poor. I change to QFE and follow Colin to 03 and take-off behind him. Yep - it's pretty crap. There isn't really a cloudbase; just an increasing gloom as you get higher. 800' is OK, but wouldn't want to go any higher. I'm sure we could get to Brimpton and back, but not being able to see other aircraft would be uncomfortable - remember that we fly for fun, so I settle for just a few faux-circuits.

The circuits are OK, and I try a low hop on each one - getting better by the third go. I land on the next one. Good bit of practice and I put it to bed. Only thing left to do is tea and bacon butties.

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