Date: 04/09/2012

Time: 17:50 - 18:10 (16:50 - 17:10 GMT)

Aircraft: Ikarus C42 - G-CDVI


We need to find somewhere to build our EuroFOX kitplane (G-UFOX). Someone suggested that we might get some cheap space at Hook Airfield - apart from the space, building at an airfield would have advantages of somewhere to do engine/taxi testing and eventually, he ability to fly it away - or possibly keep it there permanently. We need to go and have a look and we also have a meeting tonight at the airfield, so had planned an evening flight. Seems like an ideal opportunity to combine the two, so I managed to get PPR and that is our destination tonight.

Leaving work a little early, we get to the airfield and get our plane out. After prep, we take off on 26 and climbout round to the east. Hook in within the Odiham MATZ; Ian calls Farnborough to get basic service and MATZ penetration. It's a bit murky, but navigation is simple - we just follow the M3 up to junction 5 and it's just past that. A quick call to Farnborough to say we have the airfield in sight and are changing to Safteycom. I join downwind for 26 from the other side of the motorway.

A good landing will follow a good approach. However, I pulled it in a little tight and then slipped it down with the wrong wing down, so it wasn't ideal - the landing was a little bouncy, but OK - not helped by the runway undulation. We parked up by the hangers.

We had a quick look at the hangers and then at the barn, that we believe is on offer. My feeling is that it is fine for keeping an aircraft in, but not really appropriate for building one. Quite apart from being cold for a winter build, it's too exposed and nowhere to keep all the kit bits. The hanger that is currently vacant is a possibility, if we could put some doors on it, and box-in the roof truss. Hmmm, we will have to see if it is available.

We have a walk along the runway and a general nose around and the prep for the return journey. There's no real wind blowing along the runway, so Ian takes off on 08 (the threshold is much closer) and then turns north, and out of the Odiham MATZ. We then head west towards Hannington Mast. We visibility appears to have improved a little. Then south for an overhead join.

My current feeling is the possibility of building at Hook is what I expected, but not what I hoped.

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