Date: 08/09/2012

Time: 17:10 - 17:45 (16:10 - 16:45 GMT)

Aircraft: Ikarus C42 - G-CDMS

Chiltern Park Flyout

Clive has moved to Chiltern Park with his gyro, so we don't see so much of him now. There is a complete nest of gyros over there. The other day he asked Colin if he had missed out on all the club flyouts - when in reality we haven't had any - it just hasn't seemed worthwhile organising them due to the rubbish weather we have had this year; there was so little chance of them happening. So it was suggested that he could host one, which he readily took up.

Today I am flying with Roy Other persons coming are Colin, Jac, Pete, Sam, Andy, Ian and his son Jon, who has recently qualified, but his license hasn't turned up yet, so cannot take passengers. We have three C-42's, both Eurostar's and Andy's Rans, so six microlights altogether. Also Clive had flown over to Popham with Roy's cousin as passenger - after we had all prepped our aircraft, he gave us a briefing.

I'm flying the outbound leg and we take off on 21 after Clive. There is a precession of us leaving Popham. Nose down a bit to try to catch up with the gyro in the hope of getting a couple of pictures. However, this isn't as easy as I had hoped. Clive is demonstrating low flight, slowing up, speeding up (nearly stopping), going up and down. Makes it kinda difficult, particularly whilst flying the plane.

We pass by Greenham Common and enter the un-active Benson MATZ. I'm looking out for the runway and spot one - oh no hang on, that's a tarmac one (Benson), so Chiltern Park must be between us and Benson - ah there it is. The radio calls begin for the precession of aircraft joining (downwind join for 22L right-hand circuit). Once in the circuit, I slow it down and have to go a bit further downwind for separation. We land on 22L and then backtrack on 22R to the parking area.

Before going up to the club for tea, I have a look in the hanger - there are six gyro sleeping in there and Clive's is still outside. There is also a Dynamic and C-42 that are on strange little trolleys on a special rail, so they can be manoeuvred out of the hanger sideways. Up to the clubs sort of roof garden and we have tea, biscuits and a good chat.


Slowly people sequentially leave, rather than the same mass exodus on the way here. We warm-up and the take off on 22L and then basically keep going. The sun is getting lower and is quite pretty - I'm glad we aren't flying directly into it. An overhead join and land on 21 and put it to bed.


A very pleasant flight and a few of us then go to the pub!



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