Date: 13/06/2012

Time: 11:25 - 11:50 (10:25 - 10:50 GMT)

Aircraft: Ikarus C42 - G-CDMS

Late Decision

A number of things came together today, that I really should have predicted and have planned around. I haven't flown for ages, due to the abysmal weather we are having this year. It has either been too windy, too low cloud, too rainy and often all of these. And next week, I am off on holiday to Italy so no flying for over a week then. And the forecast between now and then, is poor, except for today - so if I don't fly today, I will probably go over the 30 day threshold (and I don't want to do that). Also today, I am working from home as I am having some new furniture delivered some time in the afternoon. As it could be as late as 6pm, I make a bit of a late decision to fly this morning. Bugger, looking at the plane availability, the best I can get is from 10:30 to 11:30 . . . . and its already 10:00 and I'm still at home. Better get a shift-on.

I know I'm supposed to working from home, but there's no reason why I can't just work later to make up. I get on my bike and whizz to the airfield. Unfortunately, even with my best efforts, I have left it a bit too late. I get the plane out and check it over - very little fuel in it, when I could really have done with some - sod's law. However, I resist any temptation to rush the engine warmup and then take it round the front to put some fuel in. This is the first time I have used the new UL91 - we can no longer use the old mogas (standard car pump fuel) as they are putting more and more ethanol in it under European legislation to use "greener" fuels. However, it isn't good for aircraft and may give vapour-lock problems - so we now have to use this special aircraft-grade version of RON91 (with a "special" price too). Whilst I'm fuelling, Ian come over to say that to save rushing, I could have the second half of his slot on the plane he has booked, which is really kind of him. I finish off putting the fuel in the plane whilst Ian goes off for the first stint. However, when I go back in the clubhouse, Mike Whale (who has my aircraft after me) very kindly offers to let me use it until 12:00 - great!

I take off on 21 for some circuits. Climbing away and tracking along 26, the air proves to be a bit wobbly - or is it just me? But it's not too bad and I come round for my first touch-and-go landing. Descent is a bit shallow and land well passed the threshold (but that's not a bad thing for runway 21). The following two t+g's go well, with some nice side slipping practice. For the final circuit, I am in for a full-stop landing, but add in a little low-hop for fun.

All good, and it keeps we current.

Huge thanks to Mike and Ian for their kindness - demonstrating what wonderful people microlight pilots are!

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