Date: 21/07/2012

Time: 15:20 - 17:10 (14:20 - 16:10 GMT)

Aircraft: Eurostar EV-97 - G-CEDV

Crop Circles with George

It's time for my annual flight to look at crop circles. Today I have George with me - he is a friend who has flown with me once before (to Bembridge) and strangely has come back for more. By way of preparation, I have trawled a few crop circle websites to find the location of those made this year and marked these on my electronic chart (Memory Map).



After checkout and fuelling, we take off on 03 and head north west. As we get to Highclere I drop down a bit for some pictures of "Downton Abbey" and then we continue past Hungerford and up to Uffington Horse - after flying over this, we turn around to face the hillside for a good view of the horse and also a crop circle to the north of it.



Then we head south west and find another pretty one by junction 15 of the M4. After a loop round to look at this, we continue on to Marlborough. We are now entering crop circle central; an obvious attraction to aliens. There are plenty around the Avebury / Silbury Hill area. Have to be very careful finding the circles whilst looking out for the other aircraft, the ground and the local airfields.


I had originally intended to land at either Yatesbury or Clench Common for some tea, but couldn't raise either of them on the phone for PPR permission, before we left, so we didn't get a stop. On the way back I demonstrate a couple of steep-banked turns and also stalling practice. Then a quick spin round Hannington Mast and then back to Popham for an overhead join.


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