Date: 28/07/2012

Time: 18:00 - 18:45 (17:00 - 17:45 GMT)

Aircraft: Eurostar EV-97 - G-CERE

Windy Thermals

Weather seemed quite good for a change - little cloud in an otherwise bright blue sky. Reasonably warm too. Other things haven't gone quite too plan - there have been a few people who had expressed in an interest in going flying and none of them were able to make it. So I had no real plan for today, just to go for a bit of a whizz around.

When I get to the airfield, G-RE is on it's stand but hasn't been put fully to bed. After a chat with Julie, I eventually go out to the plane and check it over. Whilst bringing it round to the fuelling square, I hear Colin on the radio - I haven't seen them for ages. After I have added some fuel and the other little prep jobs, Colin and Jac arrive having put their plane away. In the clubhouse I have a chat with them and Steve and then Pete arrives, so I have a chat with him too.

Too much procrastination - I really should get going. It's actually quite windy and a bit gusty. Once warmed-up, I take off from the intersection of 26. Hmmm it's a bit bumpy with the thermals too. I head north around Overton and then up to Greenham Common. Then heading west I decide to follow the ridgeline along as I know this area less well. Despite the bumpy conditions, I decide to give myself a PFL practice before getting to Rivar Hill. I find a field on top of the ridge that looks good and follow a constant-aspect approach round to what would have been a good landing and they climb away at an angle to avoid Rivar Hills gliding site. I then fly round this and now heading downwind I put the nose down a bit to see what groundspeed I can achieve (over 130 knots!) whilst heading back to Popham. A clean overhead join and landing.

After putting the plane away I have a further chat - seem to have done more of this today than flying, but never mind. Enjoyed myself.

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