Date: 30/03/2012

Time: 18:25 - 19:10 (17:25 - 18:10 GMT)

Aircraft: Eurostar EV-97 - G-CEDV

Claggy Experiments

We are now back into BST! This means we can do evening flights. Couldn't fly last weekend, because I was helping launch my Dad's boat and can't fly this weekend as I have my paramotor starter course. So given that it is bright and sunny, I chose to go flying tonight and zip direct from work to the airfield.

I was going to take G-RE, but both Eurostars have been put away and Chris says that there is plenty of fuel in G-DV so I get this one out. After a checkout, I take it straight to near the holding point for 03 for power checks etc. I was pretty sure the visibility is rubbish and as I take off it proves to be so. I continue climbing towards the north and get to the top of the inversion layer at about 3500' - here I can see around OK, but not so well downwards. At least I can still tell where I am, but to be on the safe side I don't want to go too far, so I turn back towards Popham. I do a few steep banked turns and then move on, then some more and whilst I so high and away from habitation, I do two complete revolutions on its ear.

Heading back past the A303 I decide to try something else. We often practice power fail landings but I wonder how the plane feels with the engine completely off? I'm in easy reach of the airfield and it's virtually empty so I close the throttle and then switch off the mags - not a lot happens! It's perhaps a bit quieter, but the prop is still whizzing around. I slow it down and it's not until I get below 60 mph that it actually stops windmilling. Quite pleasingly, it doesn't feel that different. OK, done that, so I switch the mags back on, start it and turn the radio back on. Time to rejoin the circuit.

My first two landings are touch-and-go's and all go well. Then I do a full stop landing and head back to the threshold. My last take off is a bit of a zoom climb and round for a final good landing. Good stuff!


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