Date: 13/01/2013

Time: 15:25 - 16:20 (GMT)

Aircraft: Ikarus C42 - G-CFHP

Watercress Bimble

A bit of an opportunistic day today. The weather is good, Joanne is away and there's a plane free - I plan to go for a quick flight.

When I get to the airfield, the bad news is that my plane has been put away, but the good news is that it has 30l of fuel in it - plenty for me. I check it over and warm it up. Once again, I can take it straight from the tie-downs to the runway, without going round the front.

Soon I'm off on 03 with no definite plan, except a vague notion of going along the Watercress Line - the preservation railway line from Alresford to Alton. I head south-east and pick up the line at Ropley Station where the maintenance sheds are. I follow it along to Alton and then head south for a bit of an investigation of an area I'm not familiar with. Down towards Colemore Common and then back up the train line and back along the other way. The weather is quite hazy and I am flying fairly low.

Then back to Popham and join overhead. Lovely approach to the threshold of 03 and then low-hop along most of it (just for fun) before climbing away. Next turn round have a lovely landing and put the plane away.




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