Date: 20/04/2013

Time: 17:50 - 18:30 (16:50 - 17:30 GMT)

Aircraft: Ikarus C42 - G-CFHP


This morning, we (George, Ian and I) were having a briefing with Mac - he is going to be teaching us the conversion for flying a taildragger - we need this for the kit-plane. Amazingly, it's quite a nice day just as forecast. I've missed a trick and should have been more organised and arrived earlier and gone flying - like Ian did. The briefing is interesting and the other thing that comes to light is that George needs to do another GST (general skills test) as he has been a bit late in submitting his paperwork (ooops!). Steve books him up for his GST that evening, so this gave me the idea to book a slot for me for the evening too. The good news is I have found my sunglasses that I lost on my last flight.

We had a pub lunch (no alcohol for me) and did a few more things to the kit plane such as taking the official photos and static engine run tests. After putting it away I head back to Popham.

I get there a about 5:15, but my slot isn't 'til 6. After a chat, I decide I can't be bothered to wait for my aircraft, so I take the keys to another. However, when I get to the parking area, G-HP has just returned and is still warm - and to save the current occupant from putting it away, I chose to take this one. Having 30l of fuel in it is a real bonus.

After a checkover I'm soon on my way. I climb out on 08 with the nose in the air and a good climb rate. I head north for a bit and after a clearing turn perform some steep banked orbits - first left and then right. I fly around a bit and have a look at track of the old railway. There are a few thermals that require a fair amount of control input to balance out, but generally few and far between. Then back to Popham and join overhead. Whilst downwind on the microlight circuit, I spot someone on base for the GA circuit, so I slow down and go behind. Despite having reduced amount of experience this year, it's a lovely landing, so I line up for another circuit. Another good approach and I decide to low-hop down the runway as the turn off for parking is down the other end. Slightly too much throttle at first, but collected to a good low hop and landing.


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