Date: 20/09/2013

Time: 16:35 - 17:45 (15:35 - 16:45 GMT)

Aircraft: EuroFOX - G-UFOX

Local and Circuits

I feel I ought to do a little circuit practice - my height perception has been a little variable recently. So I leave work early and head to Popham for a little Friday night practice.

After checkout and warmup I head to the bowser and fill up - not just for tonight, but so we don't need to bother with this in the morning, when we are aiming for the Thorney Island fly-in.

I take off on 26 and head north in a deliberately wiggly path. Then I went to have a look at the VolAir runway up near Hannington Mast - I met the proprietor the other day when he came to look over our EuroFOX. After an orbit overhead, I then headed back south to the airfield with a quick steep-banked turn for entertainment..

Joining overhead, it seemed particular floaty (even more than usual) and I had to sideslip to get it to descend on the deadside. I complete a couple of microlight circuits followed by a couple of GA circuits due to other traffic. Each one is a full-stop landing. The following is a bit high and I go-around, and complete a further three circuits. Each landing is generally getting a bit tighter.

A good bit of practice and good fun too.



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