Date: 31/03/2013

Time: 14:55 - 16:25 (13:55 - 15:25 GMT)

Aircraft: Eurostar EV-97 - G-CEDV

Halfpenny Green Fly-In

I has been ages since the for of us have been flying together - no idea why. We have flow as pairs or three of us, but not four. Today we plan to go to the fly-in at Halfpenny Green (Wolverhampton). I am also going to try out the new version of SkyDemon GPS navigation software on my Samsung Galaxy Tab now that they have released an Android version.

For once the weather is OK - it has been so bad for most of this year. We meet up relatively early at Popham and get the planes out and prepare them. We don't want to be too late as there is a model flying exhibition due at the destination and they will shut the airfield for that. Colin is flying me on the outbound and Ian is flying Jac. Once we are ready, we take off from 08 and head north-west towards Avebury. After a while, Ian in the other Eurostar loosely formates with us. We then go north to Evesham then direct to Halfpenny Green. I hadn't realised that there was so much snow still around on the hills. We join from the deadside for 10 and land.

The SkyDemon software seems to work a treat. I will only work for 30 minute in demonstration mode so deliberately drops out and you have to wait ten minutes before restarting. I am suitably impressed, so I will certainly be buying a subscription to this.

We park up next to each other and there are 5 other Eurostars here - one of which is Alan from Hook. There are also two EuroFOX's; one of which is Roger's new demonstrator - G-MFOX is looking resplendent with red wingtips and struts. In the cafe we meet Roger briefly and he indicates a couple of EuroFOXers over the other side. I go and have a natter to Nick - another constructor who I have previously communicated with and who is at roughly the same stage as us - very interesting.

After a bacon buttie and cup of tea, we go and have a look at the exhibitions. As a "Wings and Wheels" event that are plenty of wings but not many wheels. There was a Model-T Ford with a 5l Mustang engine on the ground with air suspension. There was also a band playing in one hangar with some brave souls dancing. We had some hot doughnuts and went to watch the impressive model aircraft display.

For the return journey, I am flying Colin. We follow a similar route, only without going across to Evesham, but including a little bulge around the Gloucestershire Airport ILS. It is surprisingly bumpy in places but not too uncomfortable. A bit slower than the outbound leg as it is more into the wind but we make reasonable time back to Popham and land on 08.

A very much appreciated and pleasant flight.

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