Date: 16/2/2014

Time: 15:25 - 16:30 (GMT)

Aircraft: EuroFOX - G-UFOX


We are going to Kemble today - with everywhere being a bit wet, it is a good idea to go to somewhere with a hard runway.

Ian has the first leg and we take off and head north-west. We pass to the north of Rivar Hill and Marlborough, before going over Wooton Basset and on to Kemble. It is relatively bright and sunny and the visibility isn't too bad either. We join overhead, land on 26 and are directed to the North Apron.

We book-in and then go to the cafe for the usual tea and bacon butties. Very welcome in this temperature.

My turn for the journey back. After checkover and lengthy warmup, we leave the parking to the hold B1. The aircraft in front is directed to cross the runway and follow the long path of taxiway C towards the beginning of runway 26. I report that I am ready and can take a departure from the intersection. So I get to line-up and take off immediately - save loads of time (and fuel).

I head on to the west as I have a plan to do a detour on the way back. Recently, I saw on the Sherlock TV program (really good series), the arch enemy live in a large modern mansion called Appledore. In real life the building is called Swinhay House and I have plotted it on the chart, so we can go and have a look. Heading towards the River Severn, we find the house just the other side of the ridge by Wotton-under-Edge. It is very impressive, even if it does look like a squashed submarine. Lots of glass and curves - apparently it has its own bowling alley. We do a bit of an orbit to take some pictures.

We then head back towards Popham. We overfly (the now closed) Lyneham Airdrome - huge. It is quite soggy, due to the amount of rain we have had recently. When we get to Avebury we can see Silbury Hill surrounded by a lake of water - more like Silbury Island.

Then back along the valley to Popham for an overhead join for 26.



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