Date: 18/4/2014

Time: 10:30 - 12:00 (9:30 - 11:00 GMT)

Aircraft: EuroFOX - G-UFOX


We have quite a long flight planned for today (Good Friday) - we are going to Leicester. We have a slightly different lineup today too - I am flying with George and we also have Jac and Colin in their Eurostar.

I have the outbound leg. After we are prepped, we take off from 03 and head north past Brimpton, over Didcot and pass to the east of Oxford. Then past Buckingham, Silverstone and to the west of Northampton. We head towards Market Harborough to avoiding Husbands Bosworth and then on to Leicester. 04. They have a strange arrangement of runways, with a "T" of grass runways in middle of triangle. The grass runways are on similar headings as two of the hard runways, but have been given designation numbers of 1 or 2 different to identify themselves. We join overhead and land on 04 (hard) and then trundle round other two hard runways to parking area.

We have a bit of a wander round. There are a pair of fibreglass mock-ups of wartime flying machines - a Spitfire and a doodlebug. I'm not really sure why they are just hanging around, by are interesting. There is also a go-cart track round the back, so we go and have a look. It is tempting to see if we can have a go (but we don't).

When it is time to go back, we swap over and check over the aircraft. We are not returning directly to Popham, but going via Chiltern Park. The wind has gone round a little, so we take off on 10 and then head south. The return journey is basically the reverse of the outbound. We enter the Benson Zone but avoid their ATZ. When we find Chiltern Park, we join downwind and land on 04.

Unfortunately, our friend Clive isn't around, but we have some tea and a break. After being refreshed, we continue the short hop back to Popham with George at the helm again to make the distances equal.

A nice excursion.


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