Date: 30/4/2014

Time: 15:50 - 16:55 (14:50 - 15:55 GMT)

Aircraft: EuroFOX - G-UFOX

Low and Slow

An afternoon flight today on my own - no special plan; just to get some air under my feet.

After checkout and fuelling, I set off from 21 and wander to the south, before tracking north along the A34. It's a nice day. A thought has come over my mind that we microlighters sometime used to get referred to as the "low and slow" boys. Haven't done slow for a while, So I think I'll give it a go.

However, I haven't done so much of the second half. When I was first flying, I heard people talking about "hedge hopping", which sounded like fun. But then after all the training and the "height = safety" mantra, I'm not so keen. However, let's have a go - not extreme, but I do some cruising at about 1000'. It is a completely different viewpoint from here - also somewhat exaggerated by the excellent downwards visibility through the fully glazed EuroFOX doors. I am enjoying this and it isn't too low to make me nervous or dangerous.

Good fun, but I guess I had better return to the airfield for some circuit practice - first I have to climb for an overhead join. Then a succession of 6 touch-and-go's on 21 followed by a full-stop - all good

Took a nice pic too.


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