Date: 4/5/2014

Time: 11:45 - 12:20 (10:45 - 11:20 GMT)

Aircraft: EuroFOX - G-UFOX

Goodwood Breakfast Club and Sandown

Today, is one of the Breakfast Club days at Goodwood airfield (and the motor race circuit around it). I have heard about them before, but never attended one. We have ourselves (Ian and I in the EuroFOX), Colin and Jac in their Eurostar and three other club aircraft as a bit of a club outing. We ring for PPR and we are rather surprised that they seem concerned about so many people arriving. We reassure them that we will be arriving separately, rather than in one block.

The other thing is that it is also the Microlight Trade Fair at this weekend. It can get pretty busy with incoming aircraft in the mornings, so we plan to get away early, before the rush and a possible big wait for a takeoff opportunity. We also don't want to be too late at Goodwood.

It is Ian's turn for the outbound. Once ready, we take off and circle into the overhead. This gives us a good view of the show below, including the prominent red EuroFOXs on their stand (along with Steve's white one). We then head to the south west, go past Colemore Common, over Petersfield and then join overhead for runway 14. As we turn crosswind, I look down and see hundreds of cars parked along the perimeter road which is also the race track. Beyond this there are many more cars streaming into the carpark fields. We circuit, land and are joined by the rest.

It seems I had no idea what the Breakfast club was all about - I thought it was an aviation event where we went along for breakfast and had a half price landing fee. I am now educated that it is indeed a motoring event where lots of people bring their cool cars to the circuit to be viewed by the public, who can enter for free. Today, the theme is Supercars.

We wander the short distance over to the Aeroclub house, pay our landing fee and order some breakfast from the cafe. We are later met by a friend who couldn't get a spare seat in one of our aircraft. It seems that it has taken him an hour and a half just to get into the carpark.

After some food and tea, we walk over to the circuit - it's amazing. There are simply hundreds of real Supercars (not wannabees) in the parking areas and on both sides of the track. Jaguars, Astons, Ferraris, Maseratis, McLarens, Porches - even a good handful of Nobles. Cars that if you saw in the high street, you would stand and oggle, but here there are so many - too many, it is like an overdose. They almost seem less special here. It is a special event, where some enthusiast will even start their engines for you. I recommend it to anyone.

Towards the end of the morning, the cars are beginning to disperse, so we need to think about leaving too. But there is plenty of day left, so no need for us and Colin/Jac to go straight back home - so we're going to Sandown for Isle of Wight seaside. My turn for this leg and after check and warmup we takeoff from 14 and circle into the overhead. From up here we can see the cars on the track and the carparks leaving. Then south a bit and then follow the river down into Chichester Harbour. Then across the Solent, past Bembridge, and round to join overhead at Sandown. C +J have overtaken us by approaching from the seaward side. We land on runway 23 and then park up.

After booking in, we go for a walk down to the beach. After descending the cliff path we walk along the prom. We do the seasidey type of things - a walk out on the pier, an ice cream etc. Very pleasant.

Eventually it is time to go back. Ian has the homebound leg and we takeoff from 23 and head north, past Ryde and over to Langstone Harbour. Then along the A3M to Horndean and then back to Popham. We are now towards the end of the exodus, but there is still a line of flexwings queued up along the taxiway waiting to leave.

Another lovely day!


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