Date: 29/6/2014

Time: 16:10 - 17:10 (15:10 - 16:10 GMT)

Aircraft: EuroFOX - G-UFOX


One of the reasons that we bought our own planes is so that we could do things like going to the beach for a swim - not that we often going to do that, just we want to be able to. But today, that is our plan - today we are going to Bembridge on the Isle of Wight.

Ian has the outbound leg. After prep and warmup, we are soon off and heading to the south east. We decided to go by the more direct route to the east of the Southampton zone, for a change. The is a certain amount of lowish cloud, but it isn't a big problem. We cross the Solent and approach Bembridge from over the water and join overhead on the runway QDM, then turn and descend into the circuit on the crosswind leg. On the downwind and base legs we see a power boat race heading out into the channel - no idea what race it was. Sideslipping on final, we land on the concrete runway 30.


We go round the edge of the runway to Vectis Gliding caravan and pay our landing fee. We have found our way to Bembridge easily, but to get to the beach requires a bit of investigation. With the aid of the GPS on our phones, we walk to coast and then down the cliff to the beach.

I had previously been told about the Tuppenny cafe by a customer (thanks Peter) which sounds good so we visit here first. We have some tea and lunch (obligatory bacon sandwiches). All very nice.


We then walk along beach to a sunny spot and go for a swim. The water is reasonably warm (once you have got in) - what a treat . We dry off in the sun and then go for a bit of a walk. We follow the coast path (ice-creme on the way) to the south and then go up to the monument. From here on the top of the hill, we can see the airfield. We think we can return to the airfield by going direct over fields. It's a bit of a ramble but not problematic. I am amused that we have seen cows (Cowes) on the Isle of Wight.





One we get back to the planes we check them over, warmup and takeoff to head back to the mainland. However, we have no time constraints, so we have decided to take the indirect route back home. We head east along coast in loose formation - this gives us some good photo opportunities between the two planes. We pass Bognor and then at Littlehampton we then turn inland. We go up to Arun Castle and then west along the downs. We go past Goodwood where they have the Festival of Speed event which is finishing for the day, but the carparks still look pretty full.

We then head back to Popham. I do a spiral decent on the deadside and then join and land on 03.

What a lovely day.



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