Date: 12/7/2014

Time: 14:10 - 15:25 (13:10 - 14:25 GMT)

Aircraft: EuroFOX - G-UFOX

Wadswick and Severn Bridges

Ian and I are going to Wadswick today - haven't been there for a while.

Ian has the outbound journey and after prepping the aircraft we are son off from 26. However, we aren't taking the direct route - to make the flight a bit longer, we are going to south of Salisbury Plain. We head down to south west and then past Alderbury; there is some relatively low scattered clouds. We go past the Fovant Badges carved into the hills and then climb up to around 6000' above the clouds. We follow the edge of the danger zone to west of Salisbury Plain and then north towards Wadswick. We find it easily and join downwind but the landing doesn't go quite as planned so correctly Ian goes around and has another go.


We go in, sign in and then have some lunch. We have a little mosey around the country stores before our trip home.


My turn in the pilot seat for the return leg and I too want to extrapolate the flight rather than going straight back; I decide to go west to see the Severn Bridges. After warm-up I trundle down the hill to the threshold of 28 and then take off, followed by a turn to the left to avoid the Colerne zone. Passing to the south of Colerne, we then pass over the disused Charmy Down, past Yate then over to the Old Severn Bridge. We drop down to 800' and cross the river to have a look at the prettier Old bridge and then loop around to come back across the river past the New Severn Bridge.

We then head back over the (now defunct) Filton airdrome. Here they have one of the Concordes looking at little lonely. We then follow the railway - I had an idea of having a look at Box tunnel but I hadn't planned it. l find a large tunnel but its not Box - with later investigation it turns out that Box is very close to Wadswick - ah well. We then pass over Castle Coombe race track, past Chippenham and Calne. We the follow the familiar valley back to Popham. We join overhead and land on 26.



Another nice flight and I also took a nice little pic of G-UFOX outside the hangar.




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