Date: 14/9/2014

Time: 14:05 - 15:10 (13:05 - 14:10 GMT)

Aircraft: EuroFOX - G-UFOX

Highs and Lows

Another more unusual day where I am flying on my own. I have no real plan, but to go for a bimble and perhaps a little skills practice - Ian did a PFL the other week which reminded me that perhaps a little practice is due for me.

When I get to the airfield I do a little socialising and also hand over another quad that I have setup for John. I get G-OX ready whilst the Ninja team and Shaun are busy beginning to assemble their hangars. Plenty of fuel in her, so I'm soon checked out, warmed up and heading up towards runway 08. There is an air-ambulance just landing up the other end to attend to someone at the motorcycle track next door. When I have it confirmed that they are down and it is safe I takeoff and start to climb. The clouds look temptingly close so first I climb up to go and have a look. After a bit of fun, I then do a spiral dive to come back down. Then I decide to do some stalling - first clean which is very benign. I have to yank on the stick to get it to properly stall, and even then it is very undramatic. I try a few more with some flap and the with some power on too. Trying this when a bit out of balance I finally get a bit of a wing-drop, but again, no drama.

Then, whilst near Andover I decide to pull the throttle for a PFL - I am quite high, so I have plenty of time to spot a field and have to do a couple of "beats" to loose height before final approach and climb away just before (what would have been a decent) landing. That was too easy, so whilst climbing, I pull another. I have to be somewhat quicker, but I select a field straight ahead (still into wind) and again it goes well. I follow this with another two more, successively making them harder for myself - happy with that! Also included a little low flight - not quite hedge-hopping, but fun

I then do some slow flight and then orbiting a fixed point - this could have been a bit better at first as I fail to correct for the wind properly, but gets better. Then after a quick loop round Hannington Mast and the back to Popham for a descent landing on 08. I also try filming out the back of the plane during landing which is interesting.

Not a dramatic flight, but good fun and good practice.


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